Iowa Swabian Hall

We have a trio of Iowa Swabian Halls and a Berkshire on the farm. Both breeds do well on pasture and are a part of the whole here at Jade Meadow.  Currently they are rotating on our garden beds helping us prepare for spring planting. We plan to put them on rotating woodlots with sections of pasture to help us cultivate the land in a nourishing manner.  We will build them a hay bale shelter for the cold months and raise them on rotational pastures in the summer.
pigs1 pigs4

pigs3 pigs2

pigs7 pigs6


Straw House for the 4 Little Pigs

Well technically it’s a hay bale house but it will keep them warm for this cold snap that we are having and it tastes good too!  Found a farm close by with the hay bales.  Super excited it was so close.  Pigs are doing great and settling in on the farm.  Here is a picture of how they were sleeping before their house was built, their new digs, and them checking it out.

image image

image image

Bringing Home the Bacon

1 boar & 2 gilt Iowa Swabian Halls from Rustik Rooster Farm joined the Jade Meadow family today.

image image

Left picture checking out Carl’s Meishan Pigs.  Right picture of Swabian boar.

image image
Left picture of 2 gilts and boar headed home.  Right picture of the pigs, kids, and Carl.

image image
Pictures of the Swabians checking out their temporary paddock.

We are very excited to have Swabians on the farm. We are one of three breeders in the country that have Carl’s special breed of hogs. These hogs do well on pasture and fodder which fits in perfectly with the Jade Meadow philosophy. We look forward to some delicious and healthy Christmas hams in the future.

Carl also got one of our Australian Shepherd puppies to help herd on his farm.  The pup took to Carl immediately and looked right at home on the farm.  Carl has a herding trainer friend coming out to get them started training and on the right track to working the farm.


New Berkshire Workin’ the Meadow

Picked up a Berkshire gilt from Blue Heron Farm near Springfield Missouri this past weekend.

image image
Left picture of the sow, boar, and litter.  Right picture of the sow.

image image
Left picture of the boar.  Right pic of the Berkshire gilt headed to Jade Meadow.

image image
Left picture of gilt in the temporary paddock to train on electric fence.  Right picture family checking out the pig.

image image
Left picture is 24 hours after the Berkshire has been in the paddock.  Right picture gilt eating cilantro scraps.

Oh I’m Ach’in for Some Bac’in

iowaswabienhallCarl Blake of Rustic Rooster Farms has re-created the world’s best tasting breed of pig!  Using Meishan Swine and then crossbreeding them with Russian Wild Boar he created the Iowa Swabian Hall. Carl won best tasting pork at Cochon 555, a respected pork tasting competition.

iowaswabienhall2Blake’s pork is raised on barley sprouts and raw milk, both systems we plan to duplicate here at Jade Meadow Farm. Sprouts are the healthiest for animal and those who eat it.

Carl Blake, who has bred a unique pig, the Swabian HallWe are very excited at the possibility to raise this breed of pig on Jade Meadow. Brookie-Lee has been talking with Carl Blake and we hope to have Iowa Swabian Hall’s at Jade Meadow in the future! Brookie-Lee adores sausage and use to cook it a lot. When she discovered that her son got eczema from nitrates and nitrites they stopped buying it and only have it on rare occasions. Organic porks have tasted tough and dry in comparison so we’ve gone without mostly. But we are jonesing for some delicious juicy pork and thus our research pointed us to the best tasting pork in the country! And thankfully it’s in neighboring Iowa!

Check out the videos on Vimeo and the Travel Channel that features Carl Blake and his Iowa Swabian Hall Pigs.