Ideas for Our Barn

There was a post on the forums of Keeping a Family Cow and Kelsey posted pictures of her milking area.  It was so pretty I pm’d her and asked about her barn.  Below are the pictures and her reply.  Thank you Kelsey!

“Our barn is a simple post and truss building – the slab was poured after 6×6 posts were set every 4 feet of outside wall in 2′ holes to a floor depth of 5.5 inches (we live in a temperate climate with virtually no frost-line.) The tops of the posts were tied together with 2x?’s and then trusses were put on top that had a cross-section that included loft space. The barn is basically 24×24 but with an extra 8-foot slab out the back with the loft running over that 8 feet. The back half has 2-12×12 stalls, and the front half is divided into 3 spaces – an 8×12 tack/feed room, an 8×12 aisle, and an 8×12 milking room. The cow walks through one of the stalls (where she is brushed) to get to the milking room. The extra post for the built-in stanchion was set with the others. Off the front half on the tack room side there is an 8×12 greenhouse.

We avoided hollow walls by using 2×6 tongue-in-groove on the outsides of the posts to avoid having rats. The floor joists of the loft are also accessible by our barn cats. There is a fold-down ladder from the tack room to the loft, which is 10×32 and holds 6 tons of hay.”

image image

stanchion stanchion2