Our Animals


In our hen house we raise Black Copper Marans, Amerucanas, Wellsummers, Lavender Orpingtons, Cinnamon Queens, and White Leghorns.  Our chickens have unrestricted access to our farm during daylight hours and happily come home to roost in their hen house at night.  That means that the woods, orchard, pastures, and garden are their feasting grounds.  We supplement them with BOSS, barley fodder, alfalfa hay, and organic layer feed.  We provide grit, oyster shells/crushed eggs shells, and several minerals free choice.  We use a herbal and natural wormer and provide a box of sandy clay for dust baths and mite control.

We also grow pastured broilers.  Our broilers are raised in tractors out on pasture and are moved to fresh grass each day.  We supplement them with grower feed.  We only raise broilers in the spring and fall, and process them ourselves in June and October.


We focus on the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit but we also have rex, mini-rex, and mixed breeds.  We raise our rabbits on alfalfa pellets, BOSS, and alfalfa hay.  They also have access to salt and minerals.  We supplement them with barley fodder, garden produce, and fresh clover.  We process them throughout the year for our table, to feed our dogs, and for their fur.  If necessary we use natural dewormer, lime sulfur dips for ring worm, DE for mites, and artificial vanilla extract externally to stop fly strike.


We have a small herd of Babydoll Southdown sheep.  We got them for their superior wool structure and their ability to help manage vegetation in a vineyard.  We rotate them on pasture with a mobile shelter and feed them hay.  They have access to free choice minerals as well.  We use natural and herbal dewormer and give them a vitamin drench twice a year.  They get sheared once a year in April/May.


We have Iowa Swabian Hall and ISH/Berkshire cross hogs.  We rotationally graze them on pasture, whey, hay, barley fodder, and spent barley from local breweries.  We also give them seasonal produce and grow garden paddocks for them to winter in.  We use natural dewormer and use Cedarcide when needed for external pests.  They build nests in the pastures to farrow in and we built them hay bale huts to get out of the elements.


We raise Guernsey and Jersey dairy cows.  We rotationally graze them on pasture and hay and feed them chaffehay and barley/wheat fodder with molasses at milking.  They have free choice of over 20 minerals and we use a natural dewormer.


We raise Australian Shepherds.  Chosen for their intellect and natural herding instinct, their job is to help us work the farm.  We also have a Great Pyrenees that helps guard the livestock.  Our dogs are fed a high protein dog food and raw meat diet made from our own livestock and gardens.  We use a natural and herbal dewormer and supplement with brewer’s yeast to prevent ticks.  We treat fleas with Ceadarcide if necessary.