New Berkshire Workin’ the Meadow

Picked up a Berkshire gilt from Blue Heron Farm near Springfield Missouri this past weekend.

image image
Left picture of the sow, boar, and litter.  Right picture of the sow.

image image
Left picture of the boar.  Right pic of the Berkshire gilt headed to Jade Meadow.

image image
Left picture of gilt in the temporary paddock to train on electric fence.  Right picture family checking out the pig.

image image
Left picture is 24 hours after the Berkshire has been in the paddock.  Right picture gilt eating cilantro scraps.

Started the Chicken Coop!

We started building the chicken coop!  It’s not quite finished yet.  We still need to put the roofing, siding, and a real door on it but we moved the hens and puppies inside anyway.  It’s perfect for them for now.  Keeps everyone out of the wind and there’s electric to keep the water from freezing.

coop3 coop2coop1 Coopcoop5coop6coop4

4th of July Parade 2014

Brookie-Lee’s a 4th generation farmer!  Her roots are in Lamoni, IA at her grandparent’s 500 acre cattle farm.  Every year since she can remember she’s been in parades on July 4th with her grandfather who was in politics.  Now that he’s retired they made their 2014 float about the family!  They got first place at the parade!

IMG_3435    IMG_3410    IMG_3408




Solar Cabin Ideas

I’m super excited about our cabins for the farm!  Solar powered, small living, rain water usage, gray water system, and alternative toilets!  The cabin’s will be practical and stylish.  Below is the inspiration for the style of the exterior of the cabin.



Small Animal Barn Ideas

In our small animal barn will we hold our sheep, rabbits, and baby poultry.  Here are a few barns that I’ve seen that have the shape we are going for.  There will also be a silo to house the water tower right next to the barn.



And below is similar to how the inside of the barn will look.  Nice and cozy.  😀