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Barn Star’s Jade Meadow Ace

Ace6wksBarn Star’s Jade Meadow Ace

  • AKC/ASCA Registered
  • Black Tri with Blue Eyes
  • Birthday: 7/3/15
  • RT Sire: Leb Raahs Royal Rebel of T Jags
  • BM Dam: Misty Blue Sierra
  • CERF: Pending
  • MDR1: Cleared by heritage
  • HC: Cleared by heritage
  • HSF4: Pending
  • OFA: Planned for 7/2017


Ace was a long awaited birthday present for our oldest child’s tenth birthday.  We had been looking for just the right pup and the moment we saw this little guy we were hooked.  There’s just something about him that radiated.  Kevin and I surprised the kids with a mini vacation to Virginia to pick up the puppy and play at the beach.

AceZ8wks2 AceZ8wks


Jade Meadow Lilly


Fawn surprised us the Monday after Independence Day with a beautiful little heifer calf.  First time mama delivered on her own!  Fawn stands still for milking and I only have her tied to a post.  She’s amazing!  A great mama and we love have fresh milk again!

LillyHeiferCalf2  FawnEdema


Our First Juernsey!

Our first little heifer calf was born this morning!  A little Juernsey!  She is SO adorable!  We raised her mama Fawn as a bottle calf and she has been an amazing mom so far.  She has edema pretty bad, as many first time cows do.  Milking her out and massaging hasn’t helped much.  I walked her last night trying to help get things moving.  Going to try giving her coffee grounds tonight to see if that helps.



Puppies in the Meadow


We had a blast taking the puppies, away from their puppy den in the barn, out into the sunshine in one of the meadows.  It was a perfect day and they had fun exploring, playing, and eating.  They all passed out after awhile and we moved them back to their den.  Even the chickens came closer to explore once the puppies settled down.

image image image image

Chateau Chick

Here are the pictures of the chick side of the coop!  The doors and exterior are not finished quite yet.  The interior center slat wall is made from pallet wood.  The chick crates my husband got free from his work.  There are also a few pictures of the 8 nest boxes he has made me so far.  He made them from I beam scraps.  My favorite part of the coop is the pallet slat door he made in between the hen and chick sections.

coop20 coop7 coop18 coop16 coop8 coop13 coop9 coop11 coop17 coop19 coop10 coop14


Chicken Coop Update

So the chickens have lived in the coop all winter. Well the hens have anyway. But everyone got booted outside this week while the weather has been 75 degrees! The temporary pallet walls and plastic all came down and the real walls, siding, and roof all went up. Today Kevin was working on the finishing touches to the wall separating the two sections of the coop. He’s using recycled wood from pallets to create a see through wall. I love it! The foundation of the coop is made from recycled steel posts from one of the solar job sites. I always love it when we can incorporate used/recycled objects in our constructing. We will be tiling the floor soon and then the birds get to move back in. Right now they are under the roof eave in our transport cage.
image image

The small animal barn is made in a similar fashion. Recycled steal posts from solar job sites and the stalls inside will be constructed from pallets. It’s coming along nicely as well. Everything is a mess but it’s a construction zone. Trim and finishing touches will all come later.

image image

Our First Hatchlings

We ordered 16 eggs, 6 blue eggs didn’t hatch, 3 brown egg didn’t hatch, and 7 chicks did hatch. 3 Black Copper Marans and 4 Welsummers were the result of our first experience hatching chicks. Now we have 24 blue eggs in the incubator and we are looking forward to more baby chicks.

chick5 chick4

chick2 chick3


Straw House for the 4 Little Pigs

Well technically it’s a hay bale house but it will keep them warm for this cold snap that we are having and it tastes good too!  Found a farm close by with the hay bales.  Super excited it was so close.  Pigs are doing great and settling in on the farm.  Here is a picture of how they were sleeping before their house was built, their new digs, and them checking it out.

image image

image image

Bringing Home the Bacon

1 boar & 2 gilt Iowa Swabian Halls from Rustik Rooster Farm joined the Jade Meadow family today.

image image

Left picture checking out Carl’s Meishan Pigs.  Right picture of Swabian boar.

image image
Left picture of 2 gilts and boar headed home.  Right picture of the pigs, kids, and Carl.

image image
Pictures of the Swabians checking out their temporary paddock.

We are very excited to have Swabians on the farm. We are one of three breeders in the country that have Carl’s special breed of hogs. These hogs do well on pasture and fodder which fits in perfectly with the Jade Meadow philosophy. We look forward to some delicious and healthy Christmas hams in the future.

Carl also got one of our Australian Shepherd puppies to help herd on his farm.  The pup took to Carl immediately and looked right at home on the farm.  Carl has a herding trainer friend coming out to get them started training and on the right track to working the farm.