For Sale

We have four dairy cows for sale.  We really enjoy our small herd and they are wonderful and completely grass fed animals.  Our path in life is going in a different direction and we can’t take them along.  So we are looking to find good homes for them.  $6000 for all of them or prices below for individuals.  Below are pictures from July 2015, to view pictures from March 2016 with their winter coats click HERE.

“Knox” is an A2/A2 Guernsey bull that comes with papers and can be registered. Born on our farm summer 2014. $1500


“Jaden” is an A2/A2 Guernsey bull without papers and polled. $SOLD

“Daisy” is a Jersey that we raised from a bottle calf. She is about to drop her first calf. If it’s a bull calf it will be sold with Daisy. We will keep the heifer calf. She will be halter trained and hand milked before transfer. $SOLD

“Fawn” is a Jersey that we raised from a bottle calf. She had her first calf July 2015 unassisted. She is halter broke and stands still for milking when she has something to munch on. A very tame and sweet family milk cow. $1800 (calf for sale $2500 born 7/2015)