Aussie Puppies!

“The puppies are here!  Oh the puppies are here!”  (101 Dalmatians quote)

Layla and Zipper had seven puppies on December 21st!  Four boys and three girls!  This is Layla’s first litter of puppies.  She did a wonderful job and the puppies are doing great.  Our son Zavien said this year will be the most gifts we’ve ever gotten for Christmas.  Seven puppies plus the other gifts Christmas morning!  The puppies are definitely gifts and we feel blessed to have them and their parents.

BTM1, BTM2, RTF1, RMM1, BMF1, RTM1, RTF2(RMF1?) More pics on FB



Above from left to right Blue Merle Female, Red Merle Male, Red Tri Male, Red Tri Female 2(or is she a Red Merle Female?), Black Tri Male 1, Red Tri Female 1, Black Tri Male 2


Layla Baby Blue

Meet Layla our new Aussie!  I found Layla on our local Craigslist.  Her former owner was a dog trainer.  Layla is an amazing find.  She is obedient, super sweet, loves to play frisbee, and is already herding the calves.  Her markings are perfect and I’m so thrilled with her.  She’s actually a better dog for the children because she doesn’t jump up and knock them over like our puppy Zipper.  I’m seriously just tickled pink that I found her and now she’s ours!



   image   image

Electric Meter Structure

It was a beautiful day today! We went out to the land to install a structure for the electric meter. We’ve got it up and ready for the electric company to come!

Zipper’s first time out on the land! He had a blast and it’s a great place for him to get his energy out. Here he is hanging out with his boy. It was awesome!

Horse Creek’s Jade Meadow Zipper

zipper8wksSqHorse Creek’s Jade Meadow Zipper-


Zipper was a birthday present for our youngest son.  He had been asking for a brown puppy for years.  We drove down to Oklahoma to pick up this little guy and surprised our son a few days before his birthday.  He was one ecstatic kid.

jaxzip3 jaxzip1 8 Weeks

Angel & Zipper

Meet our first farm animals! We got Angel for Easter and Jax got Zipper for his birthday!