About Jade Meadow Farm

The Farm

Jade Meadow Farm July 2013

34 acres on the high bluffs of the Missouri river.  Beautiful meadows and woodlands with rolling hills, deep valleys, and a natural spring.  Family owned for the past 13 years the land has been used as a hay field with no herbicides, pesticides, and minimal additives like nitrogen.  The rest of the land has grown naturally and wild, untouched.  Spring 2013 Kevin, Brookie-Lee, and their children started stewarding the land.  Step by step using natural practices to create an equally beneficial farm for plants, animals, and compost.  In Summer 2014 Cullen started helping steward the farm with Cindy and their little boys tagging along to play with all the animals.  We are blessed to be working together to further God’s great work.


The Glaser Family

Glaser Family July 2013

The Glaser family is very excited and feels so blessed to have this opportunity to work on the Jade Meadow project. Brookie-Lee previously owned a cloth diaper store in Overland Park and helped grow the natural parenting movement in the Kansas City area.  She now homeschools her children and looks forward to being a part of the community at Jade Meadow and feeding her family wholesome food.  Kevin previously owned an organic delivery service of local farmer grown all natural/organic foods.  He now works for the solar power company, Ampray, installing affordable solar for local farmers and families.

The Maday Family


The Maday family is a great asset to the Jade Meadow family.  Cullen owns his own lawn care business in addition to working at Ampray.  Cullen previously worked with Kevin at the local organic food delivery company.  Cindy and Brookie-Lee are first cousins and previously worked together in Overland Park.  Cindy now stays home with her children and looks forward to all the experiences that a farm and community will give them.

4th of July Parade 2014

Brookie-Lee’s a 4th generation farmer!  Her roots are in Lamoni, IA at her grandparent’s 500 acre cattle farm.  Every year since she can remember she’s been in parades on July 4th with her grandfather who was in politics.  Now that he’s retired they made their 2014 float about the family!  They got first place at the parade!

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May Snow Storm

May2-2013SnowStorm2Morning of May 2nd and it was wet from last nights rain.  The wind was bitter from the north and Z and I fed the baby calves under the shelter.  We went directly to the thrift store and bought rain coats.  Later that night the whole family came back to feed the baby calves again.  Kevin went to check the kids in the car and I decided to push a small bale of hay through the snow across the field, slightly uphill I might add.  The bale was wet and heavy form the snow.  I pushed, and heaved, and shimmied.  But eventually it got there.  The calves started munching right away and I slept better knowing that they could snuggle into the hay under their shelter to stay warm.  It was hard work but I was glad to take care of the cows.  We went home and I got into a hot bath with some hot chocolate.  Yum!

Playing in the Meadow

The children and I went out to the meadow today.  To review the home site placement and figure out barn placement.  We had a picnic, played with toys, walked, ran, and climbed hay bales.  We had a blast.  And to end the day perfectly Kev showed up to surprise us in between his meetings.  It was a great day.