Bringing Home the Bacon

1 boar & 2 gilt Iowa Swabian Halls from Rustik Rooster Farm joined the Jade Meadow family today.

image image

Left picture checking out Carl’s Meishan Pigs.  Right picture of Swabian boar.

image image
Left picture of 2 gilts and boar headed home.  Right picture of the pigs, kids, and Carl.

image image
Pictures of the Swabians checking out their temporary paddock.

We are very excited to have Swabians on the farm. We are one of three breeders in the country that have Carl’s special breed of hogs. These hogs do well on pasture and fodder which fits in perfectly with the Jade Meadow philosophy. We look forward to some delicious and healthy Christmas hams in the future.

Carl also got one of our Australian Shepherd puppies to help herd on his farm.  The pup took to Carl immediately and looked right at home on the farm.  Carl has a herding trainer friend coming out to get them started training and on the right track to working the farm.


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