Five Bet’s Jade Meadow Twilight

imageFive Bet’s Jade Meadow Twilight


We picked up Twilight in Arizona while on our vacation!  It was a great time bonding with her and Kevin figured out traveling with a puppy isn’t too bad.  😀  Twilight was named and is loved by our little Ty.  I suggested Ebony or Twilight for the little black puppies name and Ty picked Twilight.  Her favorite “My Little Pony” is Twilight Sparkle so I wasn’t surprised by her choice.  Twilight has a calm temperament and was a joy to have on the trip.  She was easily crate trained and is working on her obedience training.



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  1. Hi, my name is Mary Wright. I happen to come across your website and see that you have an Aussie pup from Five BET Aussies in Arizona. We live here in Missouri also. Probably about an hour from you in Savannah, MO (just north of St. Joseph). We are also thinking about getting a puppy from Five BET and I believe the puppy we are looking at (Bailey) is a litter mate to the puppy you guys purchased!

    • Yes Bailey is our Twilight’s litter mate. Twilight’s litter name was Wink. Twilight has amazing temperament and we are thrilled with her. Very happy with our Five BET puppy. 😀

      • That is so great to hear! I’m still trying to “decide”! We have a 5-year old male Aussie that we love very, very much! We lost his sister (litter mate) last November to an unknown reason (the vet doesn’t know what happened to her). It has been very devastating on all of us! Since it’s been getting nice out I have been tossing around the idea of getting Patch (our Aussie) another dog to hang around with. He just always seems so sad. I am hoping that maybe a pup may bring him back to life a little after losing his sister. I will let you know what I decide. My main issue is having her flown to us from AZ. I hate that she has to board on a plane and fly by herself. If I could find a direct flight to KC it would make me feel better!

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