My Stanchion!

My husband built me a stanchion!  I love it!!!  I’ve tested it a few times and I’m still thrilled!  We made a few sizing adjustments and additions to the instructions we found for a smaller Jersey stanchion from this blog to fit our big Guernsey girl.  We split the interior into two sections with a board to keep her from moving over on top of me.  Which means we put the head gate off to one side instead of centered.  We are going to install bolts on the head gate board later today because that rope isn’t ideal.  And I’m thinking about putting a chain across her butt to keep her from backing up but I’m not sure.  The head gate keeps her in place.  But she is pretty calm and she’s an experienced milker.  A first time milk cow might be a little more rambunctious.  Anyway here are the pictures that I took this morning.  So fun!

stanchion1 stanchion2 stanchion3

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