He’s So Fluffy!

So we’ve had our first Giant Chinchilla for a couple weeks now. We named him Charlie and he’s been hanging out with our mixed breed rabbits: Angel and her litter of kits. This last week we went on a family vacation in southeast Missouri and after the vacation we went an hour farther to pick up four more Giant Chinchillas. So now, with Charlie, we have two males and three female pure bred Giant Chinchillas. It’s exciting, but we still have some time before the females will be breeding age. With this breed of rabbit you wait until they are 9 months old until you start breeding the females. It gives them time to mature and have better body conditioning. The children named the new rabbits Mack, Pepper, Sally, and Darlin. It’s so fun to name the breeding stock!  Oh and while we were gone by brother went and picked up some rabbit hutches for us!  So sweet!  Now we can keep the males separate for the time being, and angel is expecting again so she will be separated with her new little kits.  I love it!

The children seeing the new hutches for the first time and checking out the new bunnies!

image           image
Sally making herself right at home chowing down and Pepper enjoying the tunnels in the grass.

image   image
Darlin, a little scared about not being in a cage so she went to hide in the older hutch we have.  And the boys: Mack to the left and Charlie on the right.

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