Mr. Bunny Meet Mrs. Bunny

imageWe spent our first activity free weekend this summer installing posts for our rabbit paddock.  We used galvanized steal pipe remnants for the posts and Kevin pounded them straight into the ground.  We started wrapping the wire around but we ran out of sunlight.  I’m very excited.  I think the rabbits will love it and I think it looks very nice.


      image   imageAnd of course we need rabbits for our rabbit paddock.  Our baby bunnies are now six weeks old.  We checked them and we have four females and two males.  We will be keeping the females to breed and eating the males.  This morning I went up to Wyandotte Lake to pick up our first breeding buck.  A Giant Chinchilla that we named Charlie.  Charlie the Chin.  Sounds like a gangster name.  😀  And of course we have Angel, now called Charlie’s Angel.  Hee, hee.


image   image

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