May Snow Storm

May2-2013SnowStorm2Morning of May 2nd and it was wet from last nights rain.  The wind was bitter from the north and Z and I fed the baby calves under the shelter.  We went directly to the thrift store and bought rain coats.  Later that night the whole family came back to feed the baby calves again.  Kevin went to check the kids in the car and I decided to push a small bale of hay through the snow across the field, slightly uphill I might add.  The bale was wet and heavy form the snow.  I pushed, and heaved, and shimmied.  But eventually it got there.  The calves started munching right away and I slept better knowing that they could snuggle into the hay under their shelter to stay warm.  It was hard work but I was glad to take care of the cows.  We went home and I got into a hot bath with some hot chocolate.  Yum!

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