First Weekend Farming

imageOur weekend was very full. We had planned on taking a trip out of town but financing was tight so we decided to stay in the area. The kids had been excited to go on the trip so we took them camping on our land instead.

The kids have been saving their money for awhile and with the weather being nice we said it would be a good weekend to get livestock if they wanted. There were some cheap feeder pigs that they could invest in. So all four children bought a feeder pig using their piggy bank money. We loaded them in the back of the minivan and took them to a small fenced area they are now tilling for a garden.

imageZ had saved more money and decided to get a jersey calf too. When we got to the farm where she was for sale I decided to get a calf as well. Which made our price lower! So we now have two bottle calves. The farmer said they were 75% Jersey/ 25% Guernsey crosses. He’s looking it up to confirm that. I need to send in their follicle samples to see if they produce A1/A2? milk. These calves are a great investment for later and should have a decent return.

Our weekend was a huge adventure.  Highlights included a 2 am feeding for Fawn who hadn’t taken the bottle upon arrival at our farm.  And after feeding her I checked on the piggies and three of the four of them were out of the pen!  They were trying to get back in to their brother which was a huge blessing. I really don’t think they’ve tried to get out since then.  We did reinforce the bottom of the fence with tires though. Yesterday Vay lost the calve’s bottle nipple in the grass and that was a fun hunt with the baby cows lowing in the background for their dinner.  😀

imageWe discovered on Monday that its going to snow on Friday. That’s May 3rd folks. Geez. Crazy weather. So we spent the morning building a shelter for the calves. We didn’t have money to buy anything fancy. We used free tires, free metal beam cast offs, a tarp, and screws. $20 isn’t bad for a shelter. 😀 It should keep the snow off and will block the north winds. Also some nice shade today in the 77 degree heat. It was a beautiful morning to work and we are so happy to stretch our muscles.

Oh and not to be missed… the electrician came out to look at the electrical boxes to give Kevin tips on what else he needs to do. And the water company came out and setup the meter! Now we have to have a back flow test done and then we can install a spicket! We’ve been hauling water up from the creek bottoms. Which I’m very thankful that the creek is there but it’s not the easiest to get to or get up out of with two 3 gallon buckets full of water. We are making progress and it’s so exciting. Kevin and I both feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled already. Watching the children on the land has been a blessing. We are so very thankful for so many things.

imageAnd here are some bunny pictures too.  The girls have been playing with them all day.

   bunnies4-30p1    bunnies4-30p2    bunnies4-30p3

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